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Update from Horsfall House

Covid-19 update 3rd November 2020

Since the last published update on 22nd October we have been working with and through the disappointment of having had our first positive Covid Tests inflicted on us. There can be no hiding from the fact that this has been an extremely tough period with many difficulties. We have received further positive tests both amongst our staff and residents who by the very nature of our being a residential nursing home can be both frail and vulnerable.

The staff in the home have been nothing less than superb, acting in a selfless and courageous manner. Many are working long additional hours to cover the inevitable staff shortages. We are not through this outbreak yet and it will take at least another two weeks before we can confirm that this stage is finally over.

We continue receive support from and report to Public Health England at this time.

Our Home Care staff have been no less wonderful and they have continued to look after over 70 service users in the local community. Sadly Covid-19 is firmly in the broad Stroud area and the number of cases is growing and this has affected three of our Home Care Staff. We are aware that a number of our Users have also tested positive. 

The testing regime continues with staff being tested on a weekly basis and as best we can continue to work in bubbles to maintain best safe working practices. In particular our Home Care staff do not engage directly with Residential Staff and all cross over contact is at an absolute minimum.

Lastly and with an apology to anybody who has been trying to buy bed linen, bath and or tea towels over the weekend we have bought most if not all of the stock in the Stroud area. Thanks go to Tesco, Sainsburys, Wilco and in particular to Gillian and the lovely staff at Shaws Drapers. They helped us amass an array of linen to see us through an inconceivable breakdown in our laundry equipment. Thank you also to Dave, one of our drivers, who has on his days off been making emergency runs to the local laundrette with Covid safe linen.  Martin and Rachel at the Little Laundrette in Nailsworth have been great.  Thanks to them for opening after hours and facilitating.

Christopher Fisher

Chair of the Management Board

Minchinhampton Centre For the Elderly

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