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News from M & B Stores

I am delighted to announce as from Monday, 22nd March Kelvin Chapman will be joining us as the new manager of M&B Stores, Minchinhampton.

Kelvin brings a wealth of experience through working for many years in the retail trade. We have also decided to do a total rearrangement of the shop in anticipation of reopening to you our customers in the next few weeks and certainly our target date of June.

Also from today, 22nd March, the shop hours will be extended in the evenings as follows:

Monday-Thursday the shop will open until 6pm, Friday till 7pm, Saturday to 6pm and Sunday till 4.30pm.

Lindsey will be cutting back her time at the shop too and also as a partner, but Jane, Lindsey and myself would like to thank all our customers for their support throughout this pandemic and hope this will continue with these changes. I would personally also like to thank Lindsey, Jane, Sue, Elizabeth, James, Linda and Benny and not forgetting Jackie too who left for retirement in February for their help in running the shop, and Linda, Brian, Alison and Geoff for helping me with newspaper deliveries. Thank you

Brian (Arwright)

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