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What? We have been given planning permission to restore the floor of the undercroft, to improve access to it, to install more lighting and power services, and to improve the facilities.

Why? We hope to attract more of you to use our market house and its undercroft.

In 2020 we carried out public consultation and more than 200 of you said that you would like this project to be carried out. Thanks to your generosity, and through other fundraising, we have the money we need for the flooring, lighting, and power.

We hope that some of you will dig just a little deeper into your pockets to improve access and for restoration of cast iron railings and better seating.

If you can help with £5, £10 or £50 there is an https link below to our website where we can take online card donations

When will it happen? Last month Chiz Harward dug test pits in our undercroft. He found mediaeval pottery and traces of a wall. We will start the re-paving work after Easter.  There will be a slow and patient excavation of the paving to discover what was there before 1698!

We hope that we will be able to offer you a chance to see and listen to Chiz as he tells us all about what he may discover in the period from April through to July this summer.

Thanks to you we have over £70,000 to carry out the flooring, lighting, power . We need another £30,000+  to complete the access, restoration of cast iron railings, and seating

Do you want to know more? Can you help?  Click below to learn more.

Or contact Tim Mowat at 01453-883369, or email to

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