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Minchinhampton Gardening Show – Get Prepared!

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Minchinhampton Garden Show, Saturday 10th September

As always there are classes for everyone including veg, flower, food/preserves, photography and children sections, including a new children’s class for under 14’s – a potted chilli pepper. Get planting and planning those winning entries! Great community event and lots of fun for all whether you’re a gardener or not 😁🌻Schedule, with details of all classes, below or pick up a copy from shops on the high street 😁




Minchinhampton School Hall

11.00am – 4.00pm

Show Secretary

Peter Smith

28 Besbury Park, Minchinhampton

Tel: 01453 883611


Mr S Yells, Mrs J Mason, Mrs L Swann

Mr B Stagg, Mr I Peters

9.00am JUDGING    11.00am SHOW OPENS

Cups will be presented by Dr Susie Weir at 4.00pm

VEGETABLES SECTION (Judge – Barry Stagg)

  1. 5 medium tomatoes (approx.  2.4in (60mm) diameter)
  2. 10 small tomatoes (less than 1.4in (35mm) diameter)
  3. Pair of courgettes (not more than 6” / 15cm long)
  4. 1 lettuce (any variety)
  5. 4 potatoes (one variety) white
  6. 4 potatoes (one variety) other than white
  7. 5 carrots (one variety)
  8. Collection of salad vegetables, 3 different kinds, on a plate max diameter 12in (30cm)
  9. 5 onions (from sets), should not be skinned
  10. 3 onions (from seed), should not be skinned
  11. 9 culinary shallots
  12. 1 cabbage (any variety) with stalk
  13. 6 runner beans
  14. 3 beetroot (4”/10cm tops allowed)
  15. This season’s Longest Runner Bean
  16. Pair of marrows for quality (12 – 15in, (30 – 38cm) long)
  17. 1 marrow – heaviest specimen – Prize: 1lb steak kindly sponsored by Taylor’s Butchers
  18. A collection of 4 kinds of vegetables as listed in schedule, quantities as in single classes in schedule, on a board (max space is 24x24in, 61x61cm) 
  19. Vegetable of exhibitors own choice (3 of one kind not included in vegetable classes)
  20. 6 pods of French beans
  21. 4 kinds of herbs for culinary use, fresh cut and displayed, without flowers

FRUIT SECTION (Judge – Barry Stagg)

  1. 3 apples, dessert, one variety
  2. 3 apples, cooking, one variety
  3. 3 pears, one variety
  4. 5 plums, one variety
  5. Dish of fruit (any kind)
  6. Collection of fruit (3 kinds – Nuts Prohibited)

FLOWER SECTION (Judge – Steve Yells)

  • 1 foliage plant (in a pot 8in (20cm) max diameter)
  • A vase of annuals mixed or same – 5 stems only
  • 1 container of mixed garden flowers
  • 1 container of 3 rose blooms (any variety or varieties)
  • 3 stems Floribunda (cluster) roses (any variety or colour)
  • 1 specimen rose bloom
  • 1 container of 5 dahlias up to 5in (15cm) diameter (any type or colour)
  • 1 container of 3 dahlias over 5in (15cm) diameter (any type or colour)
  • 1 container of 3 chrysanthemums (any variety except spray chrysanthemums)
  • 1 container of 5 stems of spray chrysanthemums (any variety or varieties)
  • 1 container of gladioli (3 spikes, any colour or colours)
  • A floral arrangement using your own garden plants only to illustrate A Book Title, to be displayed(maximum size 24 x 24in, 61 x 61cm, height unlimited)
  • A gentleman’s buttonhole
  • A lady’s corsage
  • A fragrant posy for the partially sighted, using fresh plant material only – size up to 9in (23cm) maximum diameter
  • 1 fuchsia plant (in a pot up to 8in (20cm) max internal diameter
  • 1 geranium plant (in a pot up to 8in (20cm) max internal diameter
  • Arrangement of foliage – no flowers or seed heads, but can include berries, maximum size 18 x 18in, (46 x 46cm) height unlimited
  • 1 flowering plant other than fuchsia or geranium (in a pot up to 8in, 20cm maximum internal diameter)
  • Display in a vase of 5 stems taken from any flowering plant, or plants, to be judged on quality of the blooms. No chrysanthemums or dahlias and no added foliage
  • A floral arrangement which may include purchased flowers commemorating the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb 100 years ago – max size 24 x 24in (61 x 61cm) height unlimited

FOOD SECTION (Judge – Jo Mason)

(Note: Nuts Prohibited)

  1. 4 fruit scones to own recipe and presentation
  2. Victoria sandwich cake to recipe attached – see below
  3. A baked cake using treacle or golden syrup with no nuts and the recipe displayed
  4. Pot of jam to own recipe*
  5. Pot of marmalade to own recipe*
  6. Pot of jelly to own recipe*
  7. Pot of chutney or pickle to own recipe*

*not less than 12oz (350gm)

  1. 6 identical named biscuits to any suitable recipe (no nuts)
  2. 3 white or brown bread rolls made using yeast to fit on a 10” plate


  • Platinum Jubilee Display

There are many types of displays – flower, firework, window, etc., so use your imagination to reflect on the jubilee

  • Seed Dispersal

Here’s that opportunity to capture a photo of a blackcap wiping sticky mistletoe seeds from its bill, or is it windblown dandelion seeds. Or planting a new lawn.

  • Sunlight through plants – light and shade

This class may be for the early riser, to capture the angled sunlight with a touch of morning mist

  • Bug Hotel / Insect Homes

As well as in bundles of hollow sticks, look out for solitary and bumble bees making their nest in holes in the ground.

  • Produce

How do you make food look appetizing in a photo? Check out the techniques for a tasty still life of your prize tomatoes or Sunday roast.

Limit of 2 entries per class per entrant. All photographs must be exhibitor’s own work and must not have been exhibited in this show before.

Photographs may be colour or black and white unless defined, and should be displayed mounted on a card. Photograph shall be a maximum of 8½ x 8½in (21.5 x 21.5cm). The mount card should be a maximum of 10 x 10in (25 x 25cm). Software editing of the photo is allowed.

Judging: The exhibits will be judged based on the presentation, composition, creativity, originality and immediate impact. Please try to ensure that the subjects’ eyes are in focus, preferably with a catchlight, and consider the rule of thirds in the overall arrangement.

CHILDREN’S SECTION (Judge – Lesley Swann)


  1. A group of 3 painted egg heads with grass, cress or lettuce hair.
  2. A sheet of a 2-coloured potato print.

6 – 10 YEARS OLD

  1. A poem about a garden.
  2. A garden on a dinner plate – special cup!
  3. A set of 5 decorated biscuits in the shape of a flower.
  4. An interesting photograph of a flower, max 8”x8” (20x20cm) not in a frame

11 – 14 YEARS OLD

  • Write a poem about the joys of a garden.
  • A chocolate cake no nuts, decorated with edible flower petals.
  • An interesting photograph of an animal or insect, max 8”x8” (20x20cm) not in a frame.
  • A painting of a wildflower meadow or the common, max 10”x10” (25 x 25cm).
  • GFGS potted plant competition. The Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies is encouraging youngsters to get involved in gardening, with a £5 voucher for the best potted chilli pepper plant, to be grown and tended by anyone 14 years old or less, preferably in peat-free compost.


Cooking time 20mins approx, gas mark 4, 350°F, 180°C and 170°C for fan assisted ovens, all values are approximate  Ingredients:

6oz (175gm) butter or margarine

6oz (175gm) caster sugar

6oz (175gm) self-raising flour

1 teaspoon of baking powder, mixed with the flour

3 eggs beaten

1 – 2 rounded tablespoons raspberry jam

Caster sugar to dredge Method:

Grease two 7” sandwich cake tins and line the base of each with a round of greased greaseproof paper.

Cream the fat and sugar until pale and fluffy. Add the egg a little at a time, beating well after each addition. Fold in the flour and baking powder using a tablespoon. Place half the mixture in each tin and level it with a knife. Bake both cakes on the same shelf, just above the centre of the oven for about 20 minutes, or until they are well risen, golden, firm to the touch and beginning to shrink away from the sides of the tins.

When the cakes are cool, sandwich them together with jam and sprinkle the top with caster sugar.

HANDICRAFT SECTION (non-competitive display)

Class 74. This is a new section for the show, introduced to enable the results of traditional crafts to be displayed. Only one entry per person is allowed, with a maximum size of 24” x 24”, height unlimited. Entrants are requested to provide the usual entry fee of £1 for any number of entries (in other classes) and list Class 74 (handicraft) on their entry form so the organisers can allow space for the display.

Exhibitors are requested to provide a note alongside their exhibit to provide some detail of the craft.


SHOW GARDENER of the YEAR ROSE BOWL – most points gained in Show Classes 1 – 48 donated by Mr Roger Chalk.

ORIGINAL MARKET STORES CHALLENGE CUP – most points gained in Vegetable Classes 1– 21, donated by Mr & Mrs Michael Smith.

THE QUICK CUP – most points gained in Fruit Classes 22 – 27, donated by Mr & Mrs H J Quick.

THE THURSTON FLOWER CUP – most points gained in Flower Classes 28 – 48, donated by Mrs Ruth Rabbets.

HOME PRODUCE CUP – most points gained in Domestic Science Classes 49 – 57, donated by Mrs Mary Norman.


THE PAUL CONNOCK CUP – best exhibit in Classes 1 and 2, tomatoes, donated by The Connock Family.

THE PHIL MERRETT CUP – best exhibit in Flower Section, Classes 28 – 48, donated by Mrs Kathleen Merrett.

THE EVA BUCKNELL CUP – best exhibit in Classes 52 – 55, Domestic Science, Preserves, donated by Mr Ken Bucknell.

PHOTOGRAPHY CUP – most points gained in Photography Classes 58 – 62, donated by Minchinhampton Gardening Club.

THE JOHN HUTCHINSON CUP – for the best Photograph exhibited in classes 58 – 62.

THE TED & LES ALDER MEMORIAL CUP – for best plate garden, Class 66, donated by Mrs M Alder. 

THE JULIE COOKE CUP – best exhibit in Classes 63 – 72, Children’s Section, donated by Mrs Poppy Cooke.

THE PARISH CUP – most points gained by a non-member exhibitor across all classes 1 – 62, who resides within the Parish Boundaries. Donated by Minchinhampton Parish Council.

MURRAY OF MINCHINHAMPTON CUP – donated by Mr J Murray to business premises with best shop front floral display.

THE GROVER CUP – donated by Mr P Grover and awarded to a resident living within the conservation area of the town exhibiting the best floral display at the front of the property.

Garden vouchers (MINCHINHAMPTON IN BLOOM) will be given as prizes: 1st £20, 2nd £15, 3rd £10, and three £5 vouchers to those who are classed as highly commended.


Points awarded in each class: 1st = 3, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1 

Exhibit fee in children’s classes (63-73) is free. Exhibit fee for all other classes is £1 per entrant for any number of exhibits.


All classes other than 17, 18, 48, 73, 74, 1st = £2, 2nd = £1, 3rd = 50p 

Vouchers awarded to classes 18, 48 and 73: 1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £2, and best exhibit in each section £5 

No prizes for class 74


Judged under RHS rules 

RHS rule book can be borrowed on request 

  1. The show is open to all members of the Minchinhampton Gardening Club and to anyone living within the Parish Boundaries of Minchinhampton. 
  2. The Children’s Section is open to all children within the age groups irrespective of where they live. 
  3. Children’s age limits are based on the date of the show, and to be included on entry form.
  4. All entries to be made to John Bingle, 10 Park Terrace, or the Show Secretary not later than 6.00pm on the Thursday prior to show day. 
  5. The hall will be open for exhibits to be staged from 7.30 to 8.45am on show day, and from 6.00 to 7.00pm on the previous evening.  
  6. Tabling is supplied, all other requirements to be found by the exhibitor. 
  7. Class cards are provided by the Show Secretary to be placed face down by each exhibit by the exhibitor. 
  8. All exhibits must have been the bona-fide property of the exhibitor for at least 2 months, except classes 39, 48-72. 
  9. The committee reserves the right to inspect any exhibitor’s garden before or after the show. 
  10. A maximum of 2 entries only is permitted from one exhibitor in any class, except classes 15, 17, 18, 47 and 74 where only one entry is allowed. 
  11. No exhibitor is allowed to take more than one monetary prize in each class. 
  12. Any complaint to be made in writing and received by the Show Secretary before 1.00pm on the day of the Show, together with a deposit of 50p. 
  13. Prize money will be paid by the Treasurer on Show Day. It is the winner’s responsibility to collect prize money on Show Day. 
  14. All exhibits must be removed after the presentations by 5.00pm on the day of the Show. All exhibits left after this time will be disposed of.
  15. Classes 58 – 62: In the event of a tie for the most points gained in this Section, the judge will determine who the cup will be awarded to. 
  16. Show Committee’s decision is final on matters relating to the above rules. 

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  1. Hello. I was hoping to enter my honey but can’t see any suitable class. Is there maybe a more general garden produce class available?

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