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Market House Improvements

Join us in the Undercroft of the Market House between 10.30am and 12.30pm on Saturday, 4th February to toast the completion of repairs and improvements.
You provided money for this. We’d like to thank you and show you what has been done.
The repairs to the paving and improvements in the Undercroft will be completed during January.

This work has included:

● Archaeological exploration of the mediaeval buildings that were replaced by the Market
House. An exhibition of Finds will be explained by Chiz Harward.

● Repairs/Resurfacing to the Pennant pavers. Replacement of broken stones.
The floor is flat!

● Restoring the Victorian cast iron baffleways while opening bays between pillars. This
allows free access to the undercroft by all of our community.

● Power connections at the foot of certain pillars, to allow market stallholders, users, to
play music, power equipment, etc, etc.

● Better Lighting throughout the undercroft so that it may be used throughout the day and
into the evening.

Justin Hodges has led the Market House Trust throughout 2022, and is the driving force behind the above improvements. He lives nearby, close to the centre of Minchinhampton. He has lived here for 12 years now, with his sons Charlie and Will. Charlie and Will were at school in Minchinhampton and then at other local schools. Justin’s expertise is in Telecommunications. He was a senior officer in the British Army, serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as elsewhere, and now leads initiatives for BT. He has been chairman of Minchinhampton Cricket Club, and ran the youth team.

Right now, the trust needs 3 new trustees in 2023, ideally with accountancy, secretarial or
fundraising experience to join the 9 trustees who will continue to serve. Justin would like you to consider joining the team that will make the Market House relevant to us and to our children throughout the 2020s.

If you can consider offering a talent/experience to the Market House team, then please
get in touch. Don’t wait for others to step forward. This is a central building in your
community – without your active support it would wither.

Ring us on 07891 727971 or email or leave your details on our website at

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