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Janet Payne retires from the Minchinhampton Market House Trust

Janet Payne has retired from chairmanship of the Minchinhampton Market House trust.

Janet retired at our AGM on Saturday 6th March. She has left on a high note.

Our finances are strong. Our building is fit to serve our community, users and visitors.

The Hall was reopened for hire on a daily basis to the EduCoOp children’s group who meet in the hall for shared lessons and activities during term time from 8th March.

We reopen our undercroft and  doors to the weekly market on 14th April.

Janet has been chairman since 2014. She excelled at drawing on the talents of individual trustees, moulding them into a team with a common purpose to serve the people of our town. This was recognised too by members of the Parish Council.

Under Janet’s chairmanship the facilities available have been improved. From a welcoming redecoration of the entrance hall and stairway, to a heating system that warms the hall quickly.  The kitchen is fit to serve any function, and improvements in the hall permit a wider range of theatrical, musical and cinematic presentations. New toilets have been installed.

In 2020 the roof was repaired, new guttering installed, and paintwork was refreshed around the building. The people of the town have donated over £20,000 to this work, and towards proposed restoration of the undercroft, its ironwork, and better power and lighting to facilitate events as we progress towards a hoped for increase in social interaction in this next year.

Justin Hodges has been appointed to succeed Janet as chairman, and was the first to thank Janet for her leadership during challenging times.

Thank you Janet, we will try to live up to your hopes for our future.  

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