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Important News from Horsfall House

Disappointingly and with some concern we have incurred a number of positive Covid Test Results at Horsfall House in the past three days. We adopt all Public Health England protocols on staff and resident testing meaning that we test all staff on a weekly basis and all of our residents every 28th days once a month.

As part of this routine we undertook staff tests on Friday and the results which were returned on Sunday 18th October showed that two of our staff had tested positive. One of these had been sent home with a heavy cold the week before and given this and the duties being undertaken had no recent contact with any resident. The other staff member had been caring for residents within the Dementia Unit immediately preceding the tests. As a result, we arranged again with the excellent support of Public Health England to have all residents on the Dementia Unit tested on Monday and by late last night we had received all the results. Five of our residents in the Unit tested positive and we then instigated tests on all other residents. We expect these results to be with us by Friday morning.

I am pleased to report that at the moment of writing the staff and residents who tested positive are doing fine either having started to recover or showing at this early stage very low level symptoms including reduced temperatures from slightly heightened ones overnight.

Sadly, one of our residents on the General Unit who had been on End of Life Care died on Monday morning though I emphasise this was not Covid related. Our condolences go to the family concerned.

Margaret Greaves has contacted all the resident’s families and we are grateful for the compassion and understanding that each has provided. We will keep them informed directly as we proceed through this distressing cycle. All residents and families have been notified that any visiting except in compassionate circumstances has been suspended and this is also in line with Public Health England Procedures.

We have ensured that barrier nursing is fully in place and that there is very limited risk in any cross over between departments. In particular I want to assure all Home Care clients that we have complete separation of activities and thus any risk is assessed as minimal.

This is clearly a shock to us all and the staff have been magnificent in their reaction and I cannot praise them highly enough. We will continue to take all necessary steps to protect them, the residents and of course the community at large.

Christopher Fisher

Chair of the Management Board

Minchinhampton Centre For the Elderly

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