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Cotswold Gliding Club

Cotswold Gliding Club (CGC) is honoured to host the 50th Anniversary International Rally of the Vintage Glider Club at Aston Down airfield between Saturday 29th July and Sunday 6th August.  With about 70 gliders and over 200 owners and their support teams attending, many coming from Europe and further afield, there will be a spectacular and colourful display of vintage gliders dating from 1936 to the mid-60s, both on the ground and in the air.

Throughout the 9 days of the rally, weather permitting, most of these vintage gliders will be launched to show that despite their age they are very capable of soaring on thermal updrafts like the gliders manufactured more recently.  As gliders only need an input of energy from a winch or a powered plane to get them launched, it makes gliding one of the most eco-friendly forms of flying, with some achieving distances of over 1,000 km without landing if the weather conditions are favourable.

It should be possible to see the airborne gliders from most locations near Aston Down.  However, due to the large number of gliders, which can land in any part of the large airfield, members of the public wishing to enter the airfield itself will need to book their visit in advance by ringing 01285 702100 on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Wednesday between 9.00am and 3.00pm.  Susi, the CGC Admin Manager will be pleased to arrange an escorted tour of this very special event.

For more information of the rally, click on:

And for more information of the Vintage Glider Club, click on:

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Cotswold Gliding Club

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