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An update from Horsfall House – May 2021

Dr Booth Day Centre reopens

It is over a year now since we had to close the Dr Booth Day Centre due to the pandemic. Finally, to the delight of all our staff and of course to those who attend we were able to reopen on 21st May.  There are more day centre clients wishing to use this friendly and restorative facility than we have been able to accommodate so far as for a period we are limiting numbers.  As we are only allowed to carry three passengers at any one time, our two vehicles are operating to capacity, though a number of clients are transported privately.  All clients have a Lateral Flow Test before coming into the Residence and additionally all Horsfall House staff receive regular Lateral Flow Covid Tests as well the full weekly PCR. Thanks go to our HOME CARE staff. A number of day centre clients also use our Home Care service and our Carers have been carrying out the LFTs in the client’s home.

We are open three days a week, with lunch included and as soon as possible we will move to a full schedule. Please do contact us if you would like to use the Day Centre; demand is high, and it is important to apply soon to get on the waiting list.

Well done Emma and her team, and all at Horsfall House are grateful for all that they have done in supporting our activities at Horsfall House through these last and very difficult 15 months.  

Vaccination Clinics at Horsfall House

The Day Centre has been fully used through the pandemic being available for visiting relatives when guidance allowed and more latterly to support our local surgeries in holding vaccination clinics. These have been held in the afternoons and have not significantly impacted on our day to day activities. We are thrilled to know that so far, we have hosted 7 clinics providing around 3,500 vaccinations. We are currently scheduled for 3 more sessions delivering a further 1,875 jabs. 

Increasing activity in Home Care

Our Home Care service which provides care and support in your own home has seen a marked increase in activity over the last couple of weeks as confidence is returning as we move towards more normality.  Our staff are fully trained, and we operate 365 days a year. We are currently recruiting for new staff whether experienced or not, we provide full training, and it is a really worthwhile career.

Residential and Respite Care

Margaret and her team have been brilliant throughout these last fifteen months; it has been stressful and always worrying. There have been many low points and at times all have been totally exhausted. The resilience and stamina but above all their dedication to caring for everybody in the Home has been remarkable. It is wonderful that the government has started to relax the guidance on visiting and each resident can now have 5 nominated named visitors though we still have to carry out LFTs and ensure of course that the PPE and hand hygiene requirements are fulfilled. Let us hope the weather improves and we can use our extensive gardens in the near future. 

Our respite activities are in full flow and we have good bookings through the remainder of the year. Including these we have 39 residents, and we are still able to take bookings either for respite or full residency. It is worth getting on the waiting list even if you are uncertain as to when you might like to take a bed.

Gillian Richmond, after 24 years of service and dedication to Horsfall House, is retiring  from her position as Unit Manager. We will miss her very much and hope that she has wonderful retirement. With retirement new opportunities arise and we are currently seeking to recruit a fully qualified Nurse to join us as a Unit Manager. Please do contact us if you would like to apply. We also have a vacancy for a Carer as well. 

Christopher Fisher

Trustee & Chair of the Management Board

Minchinhampton Centre For the Elderly

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