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An Update from Horsfall House 7th April, 2022

In our March newsletter I reported that we were effectively in our lockdown due to a number of staff and resident Covid infections. Sadly, this is not unique to us with 53 out of 55 Care Homes in Gloucestershire being similarly affected. As of today, we continue to have limited visiting, but I am pleased to report that under the guidance of the Health Protection Agency we are on an individually risk assessed basis able to accept new residents for respite care or  permanent placement.

This is better news, and I am pleased to report that many of our vacant rooms are shortly to be filled. I also hope that with a clean bill of health on the mandatory testing we are undertaking this weekend visiting controls may also soon be relaxed. This is said with some caution as another outbreak of positive tests will put us back into the same position as before as there does not appear to be any forthcoming changing in Health Protection Agency general guidance. 

Please take care and follow all precautions and guidance for it is the Covid outbreak in the community that affects our staff and residents.

Christopher Fisher

Trustee & Chair of the Management Board

Horsfall Centre for the Elderly

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