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Cogfest 2019

2010,000 miles of cycling,
More than 400 cups of tea/coffee,
At least 500 slices of Cake,
Dozens of willing volunteers,
250 Dove’s Farm energy bars,
and 1 barrel of beer…

… went into Cogfest 2019!

And what a day it was! The sun shone, the home-made cakes were consumed, the coffee was brewed, the bacon was cooked, the personal challenges were met and exceeded, the countryside was filled with smiling (they might have been grimacing now and again) faces, bikes were blinged, plenty of lycra was worn, the jumble rumbled, personal challenges were achieved, and those that thought they couldn’t definitely did!

A huge well done to everyone that made the effort – however much effort you made – to come and ride Cogfest this year. We really hope you enjoyed it, and you tell your friends about it. We’ll see you next year!