2.6 Challenge – Horsfall House is taking part!


This is Bob our 14 year old Border-Yorkie who is raising money in the 2.6 Challenge to save our charities. He would normally be a regular visitor to ’Grandad Vic’ at Horsfall House.

Bob is well known in Nailsworth as the ‘dog in the sack’ as his arthritis limits him to a slow sniffing pace. But from the sack he can enjoy a panoramic view and appreciate the surprised smiles from passers by!

Bob’s challenge on 26th April and each day of the following week: ‘Walk’ 2.6 miles in his sack, then eat 2.6 gravy bones whilst I attempt a 2.6 min Pilates Downward Dog!

PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO SUPPORT HORSFALL HOUSE, VISIT http://www.horsfallhouse.co.uto make a donation.