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Minch Life Open Gardens

Welcome to Minch Life’s Virtual Open Gardens! 

Whilst we’re unable to visit each other and see the beautiful blooms, lovely landscaping and vigorous veg going on all over our parish, we thought it might be fun to see some of them in picture form from the comfort of your armchair!  Please enjoy at your leisure.

We would love to include photos of other Minchinhampton gardens, great and small.  Just send them to us via the form below and we will do our best to publish them here (space permitting).

Featured garden pictures


We are very lucky to have a large, mostly level, front and back garden. When we moved in twelve years ago we inherited a well loved mature garden that was mostly a huge allotment plus conifers, but had long been neglected. With renovating the house too, the garden has always had to take a slight back seat, but has been a welcome distraction and is definetely ‘my happy space’!

Pat C

We have an extremely small garden, part of a 1970s development, it’s our little haven especially at the moment. Most of the plants are very low maintenance.


My garden is small – about 27m x 5m – and has evolved, not been planned at all! I have a combination of wild and cultivated plants as well as some veg. I do not class myself as a gardener and am always surprised when things pop up each year. Special are some cowslips given by a good friend.

Martin G

We inherited this garden 16 years ago.  Since then, as an enthusiast amateur (a phrase to strike fear into any competent gardener), I have blundered around creating a unique ‘jumble style’.  (All the right plants, not necessarily in the right place).  Mistakes are always saved by fabulous views over the Golden Valley.

Lu C

We inherited this lovely mature cottage garden when we bought our house a couple of years ago. It is a lot of work, but we are learning every day and love watching it change with the seasons – especially the spring!

Lou B

We currently only have an unfinished courtyard as a garden (hopefully the rendering will be done soon!).  Considering our current situation we decided to try our hand at growing fruit and veg in any container we could find around the house.  It’s not pretty, but hopefully functional!

Karen C

A peaceful and secluded garden in the centre of town, containing several mature trees and a mixture of lawns, fruit trees and herbaceous borders.

Leigh E

I started renovating this garden about six years ago – after two years planning/waiting for the cottage/hard landscaping works to be done, but before graduating from the London College of Garden Design. Aargh! Had I started afterwards, I may have made more substantial changes to the layout, but the beautiful snake bark and Japanese maples (among other ‘keepers’) already determined a good part of it. Like all gardens, it’s a work in progress – part of the fun!

Karen Colebourn

Our garden sits on a natural terrace on the south-facing side of the Bubblewell Valley, looking over Gatcombe Wood. The view dominates, and the massive rockeries with spring-fed pools.  In spring the woodland garden, created under natural vegetation on the slopes, is full of Hellebores, Lily-of-the-Valley, Fritillaries, Solomons Seal and Epimediums. In summer the hotbed sizzles with  Knipoffia, Alstromaria and Heleniums.  The Rocky Mountain Garden Railway winds through it all.

If you love gardens, why not take a look at the National Garden Scheme Open Gardens, simply click on the link below.