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Minch Moo Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT RACE INFORMATION – Please read before registering

Competition Criteria

  • This is a relay in which competitors must race carrying buckets of ‘milk’ along the race route. The milk buckets will be passed in succession from team member to team member as each relay section is completed.
  • The winning team from each category will be the team that completes the race route in the quickest time.
  • The overall competition winner will be the team that finishes the route with the most ‘milk’ in the buckets provided and whose bovine related costuming is judged to be the best.
  • All competitors will receive a participants’ award.

Competition Categories and Team Leaders

  • Teams will compete in one of four categories:
    • Heifers – women 18+
    • Bulls – men 18+
    • Mixed Herd – Heifers and Bulls 18+
    • Family herd – team comprising at least 2 children aged under 18.
  • The Team Leader is responsible for payment of the race entry fee, receipt and distribution to their team of all pre-race correspondence (including parental consent forms for under 18 competitors to be completed and submitted prior to the race) and for the organisation of their team on the day of the race.
  • The Team Leader will be the main contact for all race related correspondence, so please ensure the contact details you provide here are correct.
  • The Team Leaders do not have to run the race, but should note their responsibilities above.

Timing and Route

  • The race will start promptly at 3:00pm
  • The race will comprise four relay legs of equal length, starting at the Market House and running down to the bottom of the High Street, where the buckets of milk will be passed to the next team member who runs back up to the Market House to hand to the third team member and so on, finishing at the Market House after leg 4.
  • All teams must comprise FOUR runners who run a section of the course each.
  • All teams will be carrying buckets filled with ‘milk’ along the route.

Safety Information

  • All registered participants will be asked to provide emergency contact details to the race team prior to the start of the race and to confirm they are fit to participate.
  • The race will take place on roads through Minchinhampton which, while marshalled, may be be sloped, slippery, uneven, or otherwise imperfect and not guaranteed free of obstacles.
  • While the wearing of costumes by participants is actively encouraged, participants are advised to take care that they can move freely and safely in any chosen costumes and that their vision is not impaired by any costumes they choose to wear.
  • Participants take part at their own risk.