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Kishori Yoga

Contact: Elles Theulen
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Biographical Info

Elles Theulen has been teaching since 2012 and practicing since 1992. Based in Stroud, UK, she also teaches online and on retreats worldwide.

The Yoga
Our classes and workshops aim to bring awareness, kindness and curiosity to our sensations and to the way we move. It is a gentle approach informed by yin yoga, somatic movement, Scaravelli yoga and bodywork. It is a process, an evolvement, an ongoing exploration.

The Meditation
Our morning sessions are based on a simple format to awaken our natural ability to be present and in contact with our inner selves, informed by Buddhism, Daoism and Osho. It is a friendly way of cultivating the kind of happiness that is independent of our circumstances.

Over the past thirty years Elles sought out many different teachers, exploring various styles within the fields of yoga, meditation and holistic therapies.
The most profound teaching however came from her own dedicated practice. “Absorbing knowledge, expert advice and another’s point of view are absolutely essential, but what you learn from being with yourself on the mat or cushion every day is invaluable. Listening to your own voice, from the kindness of your heart, is really empowering. I encourage everyone the do the same.”

Elles teaches in Amberley Church Hall and open air on the Common.  More details on her website.


Tuesdays.  Amberley Parish Rooms 7.30pm – 9 pm. Gentle Yoga.

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