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Christmas in Minchinhampton

Christmas in Minchinhampton is a special time, the town is ‘spruced up’ (please excuse the pun) with trees and fairy lights.  Minch Life contributes to the town centre display, but obviously residents go all out at this special time of year,  Father Christmas appears every year on his sleigh throughout the streets of Minchinhampton to entertain the children (the Rotary Club may offer him as much assistance as they can on this front), and most if not all of the community comes out in force on Christmas Eve at midday for an impromptu sing-along carol extravaganza under the Market House, including the local accordionist, choir group, and musicians.  

We will update you of upcoming Christmas events on this page, so keep checking in to see what festive events are planned this year.

Minchinhampton at Christmas is a cosy place to be!


Home made wreath with bits from the garden. Very satisfying.


Leigh from Parsons Court, Minchinhampton. Most foliage foraged from my garden, with some kindly donated additions.


This is our effort!! Happy Christmas everyone in Minchinhampton! X