Gemma Pitman Art

Nature inspired artwork from the Cotswolds to the Coast.

I work from my home studio just across the Great Park on Besbury Lane.  I have an ongoing series of ink animals.  Within each piece of artwork, there is a ‘map’ or ancient track-way.  I enjoy incorporating rivers, roads, lochs and coastline into every piece, and marry the location with an animal that is linked to that area.   I paint these ‘map lines’ with metallic medium.  Depending on where you stand and the light of day, these lines will either be subtle or illuminated. 

My abstract landscape series has developed as a result of home schooling my two boys during lockdown and having very limited time to paint.  This work is more spontaneous and celebrates both Common landscapes and Cornish seascapes.

I welcome informal viewings at my studio and have an Open Studio event in October with the Select Art Trail.


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To purchase a product please contact: